Ratchet Tuning Peg


In the Autumn of 2004, I developed the idea of a tuning peg with a ratchet mechanism.

My senior colleague, Textile M. Sc. Uğur Keçecioğlu has created an executable program in order to portray how the Ratchet Tuning Peg works. You can download this program from http://www.notist.org/soz.html.

On the right, you can watch a video that I obtained from the said program showing how the Ratchet Tuning Peg works.

The Ratchet Tuning Peg operates in the following way:

  1. 1.When the winged protrusion of the peg is grabbed and turned by the hand, the lower crown gear attached to it rotates from left to right and locks on again to the fixed upper gear.

  2. 2.Due to the up-thrust of the trapped spring, the lower crown gear snaps at the upper gear at a new position.

  3. 3.As the rotational motion continues, the string attached to the neck of the peg is tigthened gradually.

  4. 4.In order to loosen the string, it is sufficient to grab hold of the winged portion of the peg and press down so far as to seperate the lower crown gear from the fixed upper gear.

I thought of the Ratchet Tuning Peg especially for the qanun which is hard to keep in tune. As such, the peg ought to be manufactured in such a size as to fit in the ordinary peg-holes of the qanun. To affix the ratchet peg to the peg-hole, it is necessary to turn the screw-end of the ratchet peg clockwise.

It may be possible to make the crown gear accommodate 36 teeth each 10 degrees wide. I hope this will yield a sufficient tuning resolution. The Ratchet Tuning Peg shall be manufactured from a chrome-steel alloy.