Handsome captures


Pictures and memories

On 13 April 2017, upon the unanimous decision of the İstanbul University Senate, the title and authority of Professor was bestowed upon me. I would like to thank my father, and also my colleague Şebnem Ünal – who was conjointly elevated to Professorship – for standing by me that day, as well as everyone who invested gracious efforts in me.

Throughout the 23-30 March 2012 week of my spectacular voyage to Iran during their Newroz Celebrations, I captured exquisite frames from Tehran all the way down to Shiraz. I hereby select for your viewing pleasure photos reflecting the culture & art monuments of this great Eastern civilization that has been lately overshadowed by sinister globalist propagandas – a country which highly deserves the restitution of her former glorious prestige.

Summer, Autumn, and Winter months of 2011 saw a season of flurry in academic and artistic activities. New events, presentations and compositions came to the scene. During this period, having commenced work as Art Counselor to Işık University, I was invited as guest speaker to the 10th Mathematics Symposium on 23 September. There, I emerged rather spectacularly with my qanun, bowed tanbur, and pianism; almost to the point where I swirled a whirl among the audience!.. Naturally so, since music implies mathematics... Moreover, throughout 7 - 14 December, “MELM: Microtonalist Entrepreneurs International Meeting” (www.mtonalist.org) hosted by Işık University & Başkent University in İstanbul and Ankara which I masterminded and spearheaded took place with its kaleidoscopic panels and concerts (cf. Academic).

On 28 June 2011, following the unanimous decision of the Academic Committee before whom I appeared in full preperation at Gazi University, Ankara, composed of Prof. Dr. Cihat Can, Prof. Dr. Gülper Refiğ, Prof. Dr. Gülçin Yahya Kaçar, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Şendurur, and Prof. Dr. Sadık Özçelik, I attained the title of Associate Professor in Musicology & Music Theories!

Between March 13 - 22 of the year 2011, I attended the Baku II. International Mugam Festival to which I was specially invited. During the Festival, I found myself surrounded by a breathtakingly vibrant atmosphere of culture and art. I also delivered a paper to the “Space of Mugham” Symposium (cf. Academic) that was part of this wide-ranging event. Moreover, I was one among the 7 members of the Jury in the International II. Mugam Competition. I heard later on that the hasty interviews I gave caught unawares during the Festival had broken prime-time records in Azerbaijan TV broadcasts! Just kidding...

2009 - 2010 was a period at when I returned to my music and social life. I can be viewed at certain times before the computer being puckish, at other times dining with companions whilst displaying a voracious appetite... Sometimes at a concert looking formidable, at other times hiking amidst nature. Do I look charismatic or what?.. Down there is me doing more sports. Trekking and exercise activities abreast the Khidiv Kiosk and Adampol nature parks shall continue!

In 10 January 2009, I received my Doctorate Diploma at the ceremony held at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Centre located in the Maslak campus of Istanbul Technical University.

22 June 2010, and time for summer break! As soon as I had freed myself from the stress of Doctoral labour, I travelled off first to Konya, then Cappadocia. In Konya, I can be seen in the house of Ali Kemal Kakan, brother of Mehmet Emin Kakan, attempting to execute Calligraphy in Arabic letters. Then, I am at the Mevlana Museum garden and standing before the symbolic tomb of Muhammed Ikbal. A day later, it is a delightful sunny landscape in the heart of Anatolia overlooking the Fairy Chimneys. I had visited for the first time such wonderful touristic places as Göreme, Avanos and Ihlara Valley. This was an unforgettable trip...

In 10 June 2008, I defended my Doctorate Thesis before an Examining Committee of 7 professors and a crowd of spectators in the large conference hall at Taşkışla building which is part of İstanbul Technical University. Presiding in the committee, along with my supervisors Prof. Şehvar Beşiroğlu and Prof. Erol Deran, were Prof. Mutlu Torun, Prof. Nermin Kaygusuz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilgün Doğrusöz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Uçarsu, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özkan Manav. After a dazzling performance, I wore my Doctoral Robes with elation. Thanks for the flowers!

On the 8th - 9th of September 2007, I attended the “Days of Music from Tradition to Future” event in Akdeniz University whose organization was borne by Mehmet Emin Kakan. I and my handsome young senior colleague Mustafa Kemal Karaosmanoğlu delivered together a striking presentation titled “Ra-Dü-Se Solfège” (cf. Academic). Moreover, I gave a piano recital. The food and the late-night talks were exquisite. With heartfelt gratitude to Mehmet Emin Kakan, who is the architect of this charming event which brought together old friends and paved the way for new comradeships.

On the 28th May of 2006, at the large auditorium of Yıldız Technical University, in the “4th Kanun Circle” event whose organization was borne by Prof. Ruhi Ayangil, I introducted the 79-tone qanun I personally devised (cf. Academic).

In the year of 2005, I appear before my piano while holding on my lap the one-of-a-kind 79-tone qanun (cf. Ideas) which I recently had made. During the same period, I appear with my “friendly mutton-chops” style beard in the art exhibition of Orhan Büyükdoğan in a tripartite frame with my father to the left.

Thanks to my dear friend reporter Sirel Ekşi, rather glitz pictures of me were taken at the hall on the second floor of the İzmir İKSEV building to be printed in the interview in Andante Journal’s December 2004 issue. Many thanks dear Sirel!