Ney Pitches Flash™


In Autumn 2005, thanks to the Flash™ programming expertise of Dutch Physicist Dr. Paul de Haas coupled with my guidance and contributions, a Flash™ design showing and sounding the ney pitches of Sheik Abdülbaki Nasır Dede (1765-1821) was created.

I have prepared myself the ney pitches drawing seen below and the KIZ ney sample recordings that we used in the design.

The same drawing shown above can be found on page 178 of my doctorate dissertation.

In the drawing, the fingering positions applied to the fingerholes of the ney is seen. Dark circles indicate that the holes are to be completely closed, half-dark circles indicate that the holes are to be semi-closed, combed half-circles and darkened rings indicate that no significant change will arise whether these holes are closed or not.

I have developed the notation myself in order to express the ney pitches of Abdülbaki Nasır Dede. Whole notes denote natural pitches, filled and diamond-headed notes denote semitones. Accordingly, the principal scale is Rast (C Major). Hence, buselik and mahur pitches are accidented.

To run the interactive Ney Pitches Flash™, Adobe Flash Player™ plug-in must be installed in your web browser. If it is not installed, you ought to visit and complete the necessary procedures.

To run Ney Pitches Flash™, click here.

Please be patient as the program loads! If your connection speed is slow, it will take some time to load the ney sample recordings.

In the meantine, do not forget to turn on your speakers. If you don’t have speakers, I recommend that you acquire a pair as soon as possible!

At this juncture, I wish to explain some things.

As can be seen in the drawing, it is possible to obtain some ney pitches using different fingering and blowing techniques. In order to resonate the difference between these and the pitches obtained through normal means, I have insufflated into the ney arpeggio style to emphasize the harmonics in high-pitched sample recordings.

To hear a ney pitch, move the cursor over the holes or pitch names in the drawing and left-click.

Did you click and let go? In that case, the sound will be cut off. If you wish that the sound is not cut off, hold after left-clicking or move the cursor a bit to the left while holding the button and let go of the mouse.

Now is the perfect chance to sound several pitches simultaneously! As a pitch is sounding, apply the same procedure on a different pitch right away!

Ney Pitches Flash™ design is a practical application for straightforwardly experiencing the traditional pitches and fingerings of the ney.

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