Musical works

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“Golden Horn Shipyards” Concerto (click for score)
A thunderous 5 Movement Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. I composed it in 2001 for my retired shipyards worker companion Sadullah Talat Büyükünal, and radiantly polished the original computer recording after a long break in the Spring of 2014.

“Nihansın dideden” for fixed-fret Microtonal Guitar (click for score)
As part of a joint collaboration with Tolgahan Çoğulu in 2014, an arrangement by me of Hacı Faik Bey’s “Nihansın dideden ey mest-i nazım” Rast-Jurjuna Şarkı, suitable for being performed on a fixed-fret acoustic Microtonal Guitar on which we applied my Yarman-24/31c tuning system.

“Rast Seyir” for fixed-fret Microtonal Guitar (click for score)
As part of a joint collaboration with Tolgahan Çoğulu, a Seyir composed by me in Rast makam and Semai usul, suitable for being performed on a fixed-fret acoustic Microtonal Guitar on which we applied my Yarman-24/31c tuning system. Click for YouTube video.

“Impromptu Oyunhavası” (click for score)
Stimulating polyphonic piece in Nikriz makam and 9/8 Çiftesofyan usul for “Microtonal Guitar Duo” (Tolgahan Çoğulu & S. Cem Eroğlu) with Bendir/Def accompaniment; composed in the context of MELM within a single night in Early Winter 2011, and premiered by Çoğulu, Eroğlu and Uğur Keçecioğlu.

“Darreg’s Motley” (click for score)
Microtonal arrangement with eloquent originality for String Orchestra of a collection of 4 pieces (one Waltz and three Preludes) by Ivor Darreg intended for either 19-tone or 31-tone Equal Temperament Guitars and composed for “Orchestra Academic Başkent” in the context of MELM in Early Winter 2011.

“Cyprus” Piano Concerto (click for score) + Cyprus March
The enthralling Piano Concerto in four movements that I had composed in the Spring of 2004 to promote the spirit of peace for the fractured Mediterranean island of Cyprus just days before the Annan Plan Referandum was put into effect. This is a Late Winter 2010 digital mastering of the original mix. The 1st movement in the form of “Köçekçe” featuring a unique Hüzzam-tuned Horns passage describes the conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots leading to the outbreak of violence against Turks in 1960s. The 2nd movement called “Hicran” (Forlorn) depicts the devastation of the island in the ensuing hostilities. The 3rd movement titled “Zeybek” in ominous makam Neveser portrays the 1974 Military Intervention by Turkiye (Also listen to Orchestra Academic Başkent & Hakan Ali Toker performance of the 3rd movement re-arranged by help of Danny Wier in the context of MELM, whose audio I cleaned from blemishes as best as I could).   The 4th movement named “Oyun Havası” (Folk Dance) characterizes and celebrates, in the manner of sparkling musical dialogue, the peace talks between Cypriot factions to resolve the strife and mediation of the Western World toward this goal. To view the score of the Cyprus March derived from the mid-section of the final movement, click here.

“Baba ile Kızları” Sonata (click for score)
Three movement Sonata composed in the Summer of 2003 for two Classical Kemenches and a Pianoforte with inspiration from a solo theme by master İhsan Özgen on his request that it be scored into a polyphonic contemporary work. In Early Winter 2010, after transporting the microtonally tuned Kemenche parts (click for its score) transcribed using Data-Soft Mus2 score editor over to Logic Pro, and grinding to the limit kemancha-resembling timbres in Motu Ethno2 instruments sample pack, I have achieved a very realistic digital recording and presented this to attending ears in the 1st Kemençe Symposium, insofar as receiving much acclaim. Note, that the Pianoforte is not tuned to 12-tone Equal Temperament, but to Layer I of my own Yarman-36 tone-system. Do not forget to listen to the vintage version imitative of 1950s vinyl records!

“Son Bir Kez” Sharqi (click for score)
An enruptured Turkish Art music piece with which I participated in the “Alla Turca Composition Contest” hosted by TRT in 2004 and which was not taken into consideration at the time due – it so appears – to the “exceptional meticulousness” I have shown in the scoring, and which – in my opinion – is deserving to be recounted among the best Hüzzam Sharkis ever composed. The performance and lyrics have been redone in the Summer of 2010 using MOTU Ethno2 sounds and my own Bass-baritone singing, resulting in a recording that is hard to tell from the real thing. 

Nishabureyn Peshrev (click for score)
My first Peshrev – as “classical” as it is “vivacious” – adhering strictly to the Arel-Ezgi-Uzdilek tone-system, composed in Spring 2010 using a new makam and a 7/8 meter usul christened “Devr-i Aryan”, both of which I myself have innovated.

“Icicle Caverns” (click for score)
A chilling electronic-orchestral Ambiance Music completely using the exotic sounds of 11-tone equal temperament.

“East Dreams West” (click for score)
Quasi-Waltz for chamber string orchestra in 17-tone equal temperament. Composed for the 60x60 Event by Vox Novus & UnTwelve and nominated for audition in the Chicago Contemporary Art Museum.

“Dance of Sultans”
My first electronic-microtonal composition written in Autumn 2000 on the commission of the “Sultans of The Dance” organization. The damaged audio recording has been cleaned and re-mixed in the Fall of 2016.

“The Saba Storm”
Composed for the SoOn 2009 contest; won first place! It uses the Saba makam pitches out of Yarman-36 tuning.

“Super Trance – In My Dreams Forever”
Dated Autumn 2009; could be a nice piece for Eurovision.

“English Anthem” (click for score)
Royal music for the Orchestra dated Spring 2004, and considered as a Movement to the projected “European Symphony”.

“Balkan Carnival” (click for score)
Georgic-pastoral peninsular music for the Orchestra dated Spring 2003, and considered as a Movement to the projected “European Symphony”.

Two Part Invention (click for score)
One of three engaging inventions I composed in Early Winter 2001 for my application to the UCLA Conservatory; Also listen to the 19-tET version prepared by Jon Lyle Smith (click for its score).

“Creepy Critter” (click for score)
Expressionist Chamber Music for Piano and Clarinet dated Spring 2000.

“C minor Prelude & Fugue” (click for score)
A pair I composed in Spring 1999 after having received inspiration from the “250th Anniversary of the Death of  J.S. Bach” events, which is reminiscent of the contrapuntal style of the grandmaster.

“Devil’s Intricacies” (click for score)
Short but mischievous solo Keyboard piece dated Spring 1996.

“Change of Moods” (click for score)
A lithe Keyboard music that I played in my entrance examination of Brussels Royal Conservatory in the Summer of 1994, and which has later been made an obligatory practice piece in the piano finals of Tournai Conservatory.

“Eve of the Year of 1994” Sonata (click for score)
Piano Sonata in 2 Movements.