About myself



Is a Doctor and Associate Professor of Musicology.

Was Art Counselor to Işık University and Başkent University.

Is advanced in the fields of pianism, composition, and music theory.

Has mastery over Classical Western music and is professionally interested in Turkish Maqam music.

Commands a high level of English.

Is faculty member in IUSC Musicology Department, Traditional & Modal Musics.


  1. Bullet  Has much seasoned knowledge on piano tuning.

  1. Bullet Plays bowed tanbur, qanun, ney, clarinet and trumpet aside from piano.

  1. Bullet Is highly experienced in using such music programs as Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sibelius, Turandot, Encore, Mus2 and Scordatura.

  1. Bullet Has mastery over computers with Mac OS X and Windows XP/7/10  operating systems and office/multimedia software.



Vaniköy street, Üsküdar-İSTANBUL

E-mail address: ozanyarman@ozanyarman.com

GSM phone: 0533 477 22 12


Height: 1.75 metres

Weight: ~110 kg (83 kg muscle and bone)

Eye colour: Dark brown

Voice: Bass-Baritone-Tenor

Creed/Stance: Kantian Mu’tazilite Communalist Islam

Tobacco and alcohol: don’t habitually consume

Driver’s license: don’t have

Countries visited: USA, Russia, Denmark, BeNeLux, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Pakistan, Japan, Singapore, Peru, Azerbaijan, Iran, Mauritius.

Foreign cities travelled to: New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Copenhagen, Brussels, Tournai, Antwerpen, Brugge, Liege, Leuven, Mirwart, Paris, Cologne, Basel, Venice, Athens, Delphi, Sounion Cape, Lesvos, Samos, Lahore, İslamabad, Murree, Tokyo, Singapore, Lima, Arequipa, Cuzco, Baku, Tehran, Qum, Kashan, Esfahan, ShahRiza, Pasargad-Persepolis, Shiraz.

I was born in İstanbul on 18 April 1978. I inclined toward music and composition since early years.

I have begun my Piano education at the age of attending primary school in Kadıköy’s Municipality Conservatory. During this period, I studied music under particularly the tutelage of Lale Feridunoğlu, Mine Mucur, Nazan Akın and Cenan Akın.

In 1992, I gained entrance to Gnessin State Music College in Moscow.

In 1993, I have returned to İstanbul due to developments pertaining to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The same year, I became the student of Ergican Saydam after succeeding in the entrance examination of Mimar Sinan State Conservatory.

In 1994, I was accepted, under special provisions, to Brussels Royal Conservatory.

I continued my Piano education in this institution as the student of Yevgeny Moguilevski and his wife Olga Roumshevich.

In 1997, having completed a 5-year Piano Course in 3-years, I have graduated from said institution with the degree of “First Prize”.

During the same period, I have succeeded in the Postgraduate entrance examination of Brussels Royal Conservatory.

In 1998, I returned to my former Conservatory in Kadıköy that had since been enjoined to İstanbul University, and there attended the Composition Principal Art Department at Postgraduate level.

I graduated from this school by successfully defending my Master’s Thesis titled "Türk Musıkisi ve Çokseslilik" in 2001.

In 2002, I was accepted to the Doctorate Programme of the Musicology Principal Science Division of İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory.

In 2008, I successfully defended my Thesis titled “79-tone Tuning & Theory For Turkish Maqam Music – As A Solution To The Non-Conformance Between Current Model And Practice” and achieved my Doctorate degree with the unanimous decision of the Jury.

On the 28th of June 2011, following the united decision of the Academic Committee who evaluated my works in Gazi University, Ankara, I was conferred upon the title of Associate Professor in the dual disciplines of Musicology and Music Theories.

On 13 April 2017, I was elevated to the rank of Professor at İstanbul University.

I was the orchestrator and pioneer of the Işık & Başkent Universities Joint Initiative: “Microtonalist Entrepreneurs International Meeting” (MELM) staged amidst 7-14 December 2011.

Throughout my life, I have cultivated myself in the field of Pianism, instrumental execution, composition, and music theory. I have performed my own Piano works in the various exams of above-mentioned schools. Aside from compositions for Piano and with Piano accompaniment, I also wrote works for Orchestra that have been performed.http://www.ozanyarman.com/files/mastertezi.pdfhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/doctorate_thesis.pdfhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/doctorate_thesis.pdfhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/doctorate_thesis.pdfhttp://mtonalist.baskent.edu.tr/index.htmlhttp://mtonalist.baskent.edu.tr/index.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0shapeimage_20_link_1shapeimage_20_link_2shapeimage_20_link_3shapeimage_20_link_4shapeimage_20_link_5