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    Mus2Okur software from Data-Soft, whose chief architect is M. K. Karaosmanoğlu

    Mus2 by Data-Soft, whose chief architects are Utku Uzmen & M. K. Karaosmanoğlu

    Plaka Physical Modelling Microtonal Synth by Utku Uzmen

    Uğur Keçecioğlu’s Notist program

    Ömer Tulgan’s Nota program

    X. J. Scott’s LMSO (Li’l Miss’ Scale Oven) and other software

    Manuel Op De Coul’s Scala program

    Robert Walker’s Fractal Tune Smithy program

    Joe Monzo’s microtonality site and Tonescape application

    Spectral Toolbox for Dynamic Tonality by William Sethares, Andrew Milne & co.

    Victor Cerullo’s Max Magic Microtuner and Vogue MK2 Synth programs

    Jacky Ligon’s XenFont Microtonal SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis VSTi

    Tall Kite's Alt-Tuner Reaper Plug-in

    ARIA Engine powered microtonal software by Plogue

    Aaron Andrew Hunt’s microtonal electronic and software products

    Starr Labs special pitch control units

    Hakenaudio Continuum Fingerboard

    Metatonal Music Instruments

    TouchKeys: Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensing on a Physical Keyboard

    Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra free sample library

    Free Sounds for ARIA Engine

    Various organ SoundFonts diligently prepared by Ulrich Bruchholtz

    Storehouse containing hundreds of thousands of audio files

    Ultrasonic Audio company’s innovative acoustic products

    3D sound visualization apparatus and its ground-breaking applications

    Erv Wilson documentaries on novel tuning horizons

    Xentonality theory research and musics of William (Bill) Sethares

    Cris Forster’s avant-garde musical instrumentism techniques and compendium

    John. S. Allen’s special keyboard designs and music theory

    Medieval music expert, microtonal theorist Margo Schulter’s archive and letter to me

    Harpsichordist Dr. Bradley Lehman’s site on his Bach tuning discovery

    Dr. Brian Blood’s music theory and history site

    Prof. Timothy Custler’s Internet Music Theory Database

    Turkish Classical music research at İzmir High Technology Institute

    Tarsos pitch histogram and analysis program by Olmo Cornelis & Joren Six

    Open-source Turkish Music Score Archive Program

    A new maqam notation proposal by İsmail Hakkı Yalaz

    Open resource on music tuning spectra, with mention of me and my works.

    A wealth of 78 RPM records

    Arabic maqam world

    Arabic violinist and composer Sami Abu Shumays’ guide to learning maqams

    Persian music hub

    Muslim World Music Day archive

    Sitarist and musicologist Patrick Moutal’s Hindustani Rag music online page

    Singer and musicologist Haresh Bakshi’s Sound of India page

    Turkish makam world

    Turkish Music Foundation

    Turkish music portal

    Turkish music videos

    Unforgettable Turkish songs

    Turkish Tasavvuf (Sufi) music gateway

    Sufi Ümit Akdemir’s site and uploaded musics

    Ali Ender Erkmen’s “web meshk (maqam seyirs tutoring) lab”

    “Recollection of Turkish Music Culture” score archive

    Turkish Art Music Compendium

    Turkish art and traditional music score archive at the incentive of Remzi Oktar

    Turkish art and traditional music score archive on Barbaros Akkurt’s initiative

    Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies (JIMS)

    Journal of New Music Research (JNMR)

    Near-Eastern Musicology Online (NEMO)

    Bosphorus University Turkish Music Club site

    Ney Dergisi (Journal)

    Saz ve Söz Internet Journal

    Petrucci Music Library

    Robert Thomas Martin’s repository of music and theory PDFs

    The Open Music Encyclopedia

    Oral Tradition forum

    The Musicians Library

    Selection of Thomas Edison’s Cylinder Recordings

    Microtonal composer Danny Wier’s music pages

    Pianist-composer-improvisation virtuoso Hakan Ali Toker’s site

    Microtonal guitarist Tolgahan Çoğulu’s site

    Microtonal guitarist Neil Haverstick’s site

    Microtonal composer and Gamelan expert Dr. Bill Alves’s site

    Microtonal composer and CSound artists Prent Rodger’s site

    Futurist composer Carlo Serafini’s site

    Microtonal composer, producer and explorer Chris Vaisvil’s blog

    Master-of-all-trades musician, director and enterpriser Steven Speciale’s pages

    Composer Hasan Uçarsu's site

    Musicologist Dr. Fazlı Arslan’s website

    Musicologist Dr. Amine Beyhom’s website

    Ethnomusicologist Dr. Eric Ederer’s website (user: “Sources”, password: “Parameters”)

    Signal Processing & Musical Information Retrieval expert Dr. Barış Bozkurt's site

    Music programmer and computer artist Dr. Anthony Prechtl’s web corner

    Music technology innovator and composer Dr. Andrew McPherson’s website

    List of other microtonal composers

    MicroFest concerts, records, and events sites

    American Festival of Microtonal Music site

    League of US Mid-West American microtonalists

    Makam New York Organization

    A podcast site of microtonal composers

    Elaine Walker’s “Zia” electro-microtonal music band

    Website and net-albums of microtonal guitarist Jason Yerger a.k.a Igliashon Jones

    Microtonal net-albums with a beat

    A web album publisher focusing on hidden talents

    Another internet crossroads for microtonal music albums

    My own YouTube channel

    My own WordPress page

    My father Prof. Dr. Tolga Yarman’s site

    Radical articles of International Relations Professor Baskın Oran

    A superbly nostalgic gaming world featuring lots of abandonware

    Open-access “Public Library of Science

    Ottoman-Turkish lexicon

    A well-grounded Turkish-English-Turkish online dictionary

    A perspicacious Islamic reform movement

    Heritage of the Islamic Civilization

    Contributions of the Muslim world to science

    Treasure trove of Holy Qur’an multi-lingual translation and exegesis

    Hadith search and enquiry

    Qur’an & Sunnah reference portal