Out of the workshop

“SearchForTheOptimalToneSystem” computational musicology set (Summer, 2020)
This ZIP package contains computational musicology files (nearly all of which I prepared myself) that are presented alongside the article bearing the same title which was accepted for publication in the NEMO journal (cf. Academic)..

“Makam Piano” (v1.2) web application (August 2015-December 2017)
An undertaking we designed with Mesut Güngör based on the source code by Keith William Horwood dating from 2013. Click here for GitHub repository.

“Calculations Treasure” (Late Winter, 2018)
This ZIP package contains computer files with respect to tunings featuring 79, 36, 24, and 12 pitches (almost all of which I developed myself).

Usuls as Cycles with Düm-tek Syllables & Note durations (Early Winter, 2016)
Thanks to the MS EXCEL macro code developed by M. Uğur Keçecioğlu according to my requests and specifications, it is now possible to visualize usuls as cycles with düm-tek syllables and note durations. In this respect, I present a novel method for the easy learning of the usuls of Turkish maqam music.

“Don Quixote & The Windmills” + “In Macbeth’s Court” (2012-2013)
My artistry for cinematic sound–music workmanship in response to Derya Önlü’s request for background music + effects to her stage and decoration homeworks, that went far beyond an ordinary theatrical enactment due to my fastidious nature. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

79-tone qanun recipe + “Mandalatura” notation (2005-2012)
Technical-theoretical details of the 79-tones to the octave qanun built according to my instructions by the Izmirite luthier Ejder Güleç & sons; followed by example recordings on this qanun; additionally, a May 2012 chapter on my “Mandalatura” notation proposal inspired from Tablatura, and microtonal fonts for expressing the 79-tone tuning alongside Mus2 template files.

“Ra-Dü-Se” Notation for “Ra-Dü-Se” Solfège (Autumn, 2011)
A monograph on the emergence of “Ra-Dü-Se” Solfège originally fashioned by Mustafa Kemal Karaosmanoğlu as well as its evolution (owing also to my contributions), leading to the “Ra-Dü-Se” Notation of my own devising, which is very suitable for the expression of Maqam music scores thru electronic communications. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

TECHNOSOUND Education Programme Blueprints  (Spring 2011-Spring 2012)
This ZIP package contains blueprints for the “Technological Sound and Music Sciences” (TEKNOSES => TECHNOSOUND) Programme designated to be instituted under IŞIK UNIVERSITY’s MEDIA & STAGE ARTS DEPARTMENT that did not come to realization. (Prepared along with contributions from Mustafa Kemal Karaosmanoğlu, Barış Bozkurt, Fatih Özaydın, Ümit Güz, Hakan Gürkan, Ozan Yurdakul, and Mine Erkaya.)

Prozody-wise wholly corrected “İstiklal Marşı” (Spring-Summer, 2011)
The proud Turkish National Independence March, whose flagrant Prosodical errors I have wholly corrected with respect to the original Aruz metrical foot of the poem without the need at all for new orchestration – and which I have transposed to the more vocal-friendly D Minor Tonality. Click here for the ResearchGate corner. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

Mikrotonal Keyboard Designs – Publicity Brochure (Early Winter, 2011)
Do we need to re-discover America for a “maqam-friendly keyboard” design? Here is a sample of mechanically or electronically actualized microtonal keyboard conceptualizations that can be readily adapted to our music... (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

Nişabureyn maqam & Devr-i Aryan usul (Spring, 2010)
Visual exposition of the “Nişabureyn” maqam and “Devr-i Aryan” usul of my own devising that I employed in my first Turkish Classical music composition in Peşrev form. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

Day of Wrath – Dies Irae (Autumn, 2010)
Turkified/Islamified translation of the 13th Century Latin eschatological hymn attributed to the pen of Thomas Celano. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

A critique against Nail Yavuzoğlu’s music theory assumptions (Summer, 2009)
A critique on the weighing of the arguments advanced by Nail Yavuzoğlu within the context of his 48-tone Equal Temperament maqam theory trial (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

“Yarman-36”: A new tuning for Turkish Maqam music (Spring, 2009)
Triple layer bike-chain of 12-tone “temperament ordinaire”s; whose perfect fifth intervals can be tuned through listening by ear to the simple beats that are either one or two per second; an impeccable mathematical construct; intricate Baroque-style tuning for both maqams and Western music along with its microtonal font. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

A critique against Erol Sayan’s music theory views/arguments (Spring, 2009)
A criticism of the views/arguments by Erol Sayan appearing in the text of his Middle East Technical University Classical Turkish Music Ensemble presentation titled “Türk Müziğinde Ses Sistemleri Önerileri”. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

Critique of Ayhan Zeren’s notions on beats (Spring, 2008)
A critique review answering Prof. Dr. Ayhan Zeren’s notions on the subject of beats in Turkish Maqam music which he advanced in the Congress titled "Türk Müziği’nde Uygulama ve Kuramdaki Sorunlar ve Çözümleri”. (in Turkish - use Google Translate)

Ney Pitches Flash™ (Autumn, 2005)
An interactive Flash™ design developed with the help of Dutch Physicist Dr. Paul de Haas that views and plays the ney pitches of Abdülbaki Nasır Dede.

Hydraulichord (Autumn, 2004)
A revolutionary tuning pin design as a continuation of my UltraTonal Piano Project and once again based on hydraulic technology.

Ratchet Tuning Peg (Autumn, 2004)
A tuning peg design for qanuns based on the ratchet technique.

Kantemir Font (Summer, 2004)
Font of the famous 18th Century Turkish Maqam music Letter-notation.http://www.ozanyarman.com/files/searchfortheoptimaltonesystem.ziphttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/WeighingAgainstHistograms_SEARCH_FOR_THE_OPTIMAL_TONE-SYSTEM.pdfhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/24tonemakampiano.htmlhttps://iyte.academia.edu/MesutG%C3%BCng%C3%B6rhttps://github.com/mesutgungor/MakamPiyanosuhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/hesap-kitap-hazinesi.ziphttp://www.ozanyarman.com/usulcycle.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/donquixote&macbeth.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/79toneqanun.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/RaDuSe1.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/TEKNOSES-PROGRAMI.ziphttp://www.ozanyarman.com/prozodistiklal.htmlhttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/322745173_Prozodisi_Aruz_Veznine_gore_duzeltilmis_Istiklal_Marsihttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/322745173_Prozodisi_Aruz_Veznine_gore_duzeltilmis_Istiklal_Marsihttp://www.ozanyarman.com/files/mikrotonalklavyeler.pdfhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/nisaburyan.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/diesirae.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/nailkritik.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/yarman36.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/erolsayankritik.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/ayhanzerenkritik.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/neypitchesflash.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/hydraulichord.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/ratchetpeg.htmlhttp://www.ozanyarman.com/kantemirfont.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1shapeimage_12_link_2shapeimage_12_link_3shapeimage_12_link_4shapeimage_12_link_5shapeimage_12_link_6shapeimage_12_link_7shapeimage_12_link_8shapeimage_12_link_9shapeimage_12_link_10shapeimage_12_link_11shapeimage_12_link_12shapeimage_12_link_13shapeimage_12_link_14shapeimage_12_link_15shapeimage_12_link_16shapeimage_12_link_17shapeimage_12_link_18shapeimage_12_link_19shapeimage_12_link_20shapeimage_12_link_21shapeimage_12_link_22shapeimage_12_link_23shapeimage_12_link_24